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In addition to training Green Fern also offers a briefing service. Hour long sessions that are designed to keep organisational leaders up to date with current legislation, regulatory requirements and academic research. These sessions are bespoke and will be designed to reflect your organisational needs and will succinctly present relevant, interesting and challenging material. You choose the subject and we will then deliver the brief. To give you an idea of the issues we can cover please see below.

  • Client groups:
    • Older people
    • Young people
    • Homeless
    • Working with drug users
    • Working with people with mental health users
  • Equality and diversity
    • The latest understanding and debate
    • Religion and British society
    • Integration or assimilation?
  • Regulations
    • Supporting People how is it going and the latest discussion
    • Care Standards Act assessing its effectiveness
  • Legislation
    • Equality legislation
    • Homelessness and housing
    • Criminal Justice
  • Service user involvement
    • What does research say? Does it work?

All briefings are fully referenced and copies of papers are provided.


One session 250, includes bespoke written paper and handouts.


The first 30.00 of travel and accommodation expenses will be met by Green Fern Training, any additional expenses incurred will be detailed and included on the invoice