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Green Fern Training recognises that Senior staff require continuous development as well as frontline staff. To this end, we provide a comprehensive range of development opportunities specifically geared towards those with senior management or board responsibilities. All courses assume an element of management knowledge and experience and seek to take learning to a higher level. Where relevant we include current academic research, legislative interpretations and debate. We aim to provide courses that will enable senior managers and board members to make informed, relevant and current decisions with respect to their organisational and personal development. All courses offer the opportunity to reflect on current practice and build towards development.

All training for senior managers will be led by a range of the latest academic research, legislative and regulatory requirements as well as your own organisational policies and procedures and business development strategies. courses will provide succinct and balanced information and knowledge, whilst being interactive and stimulating. Courses marked with SP are of particular relevance to Supporting People, and those with NMS denote relevance to the Minimum Care Standards.


Half day (can be linked with other sessions or stand alone) - 400 Full day 600 If more than 2 days are booked at a time; Half day - 350, Full day - 550 All prices include the design and delivery, and if you choose evaluation of the course.


The first 30.00 of travel and accommodation expenses will be met by Green Fern Training, any additional expenses incurred will be detailed and included on the invoice.

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