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Equalities and Diversity � removing barriers

This course looks at how to identify the diverse needs of people receiving your service and the barriers that might prevent them living a life that promotes dignity, choice and independence. It considers what can you do about it to improve the experience of people receiving a service from you.

Duration: Half day

Areas covered:

  • Understanding the importance of equalities and diversity in the provision of care
  • Identifying barriers that impact on quality of life
  • Addressing barriers
  • Measuring Impact

(This is to give you an idea, however all courses can be tailored to your specific needs)

Additional Notes: This course is ideal for all staff working with vulnerable people. It supports managers and care staff to develop a service and the quality of care provided by staff.

Relevant Courses:

  • Making a difference through quality assurance
  • Assessment and care planning that works to promote dignity, choice and independence.
  • Cultural Awareness SP
  • Disability awareness SP NMS
  • Diversity awareness SP