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The quality of customer care is reflected in the quality of staff and organisational management

Illustrates the need to lead by example. Looks at the potential divisions between senior management and staff team, with an ultimate view of how these dynamics can impact on service delivery and customer care.

Duration: half or one day

Areas covered:

  • Significance of leading by example
  • What inspires good customer care and service delivery amongst frontline workers
  • How can senior management and organisational values and culture impact frontline service delivery?
  • How do you know how frontline staff perceives senior management and organisational values?
  • What makes good employee care?

(This is to give you an idea, however all courses can be tailored to your specific needs)

Additional Notes: This course allows participants to genuinely reflect on their management and leadership styles to ensure maximum impact on frontline service delivery. Offers opportunity to identify ways of improving employee care, with a view to ultimately improve service delivery.