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Communicating with your staff

This course can be based on communication generally, particularly when staff surveys have identified this as a specific issue. It can also be delivered to address the need to communicate a particular change in practice and/or regulatory requirements.

Duration: Half day

Areas covered:

  • What do you communicate? What should you communicate?
  • Impact of different forms and styles of communication
  • Consequences of poor communication, benefits of thought out communication
  • Communicating difficult points
  • Communicating change

(This is to give you an idea, however all courses can be tailored to your specific needs)

Additional Notes: Poor communication within an organisation is often a key issue when there is low motivation and satisfaction amongst staff. This course can be used to prepare for specific pieces of communication, or to look at general day to day communication.

Relevant Courses:

  • Instigating and implementing change
  • Developing and moving teams forward
  • Leading your staff in dealing with complaints
  • Team building
  • Cultural Awareness SP