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Service user involvement SP NMS

This course can be tailored to support where your organisation is with SUI. Looks at different types and levels of SUI, planning specific activities or consultations and engaging service users. This course is also designed at a more strategic level for senior managers and boards in courses for management.

Duration: one or two days

Areas covered: This course can be made very specific to your organisational needs, and can include:

  • Defining service user involvement
  • Different types of SUI
  • Different levels of SUI
  • Empowering service users
  • Designing consultation
  • Facilitating SUI groups
  • Developing a SUI strategy

(This is to give you an idea, however all courses can be tailored to your specific needs)

Additional Notes: Excellent for organizations working to QAF or NMS. Ideal for all staff working with service users.

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