The adidas Mundial Team is a top quality football (soccer) boot made with the softes" />

The adidas Mundial Team is a top quality football (soccer) boot made with the softest kangaroo leather upper and (for a turf shoes) large spikes.The large spikes are fit for any style pitch - whether indoor, turf or grass.I have used these boots in wet grass and they provided great traction.Only in the wettest of pitches would you need to wear another boot.With all of the new technology in football boots, the younger generations are being swept up in marketing tactics to sell synthetic uppers and flashy colors.I have spent enough time testing out the newest designs to know that nothing can compete with the comfort, quality and touch of adidas Copa kangaroo leather.Even the adidas adipure III k-leather is not as soft nor does it have the same great ball-touch that the Copa kangaroo leather offers.I've been playing football for over 25 years.My body can't take the beating that it used to.When I was young, an ex-professional from England gave my teammate a tip.My teammate would get sore feet, ankles and knees while playing.The pro told my teammate to get these Mudial Team turf shoes.Problem solved. Within a few days, my teammate's feet healed up and he never had problems again.The advantage of wearing these boots is due to the shorter spikes, greater number of spikes and wider base.When playing on any surface that's not recently watered, spikes won't dig into the pitch.Essentially, everyone is running around on stilts.The results is less balance, more fatigue and more chance of injury.Professional pitches are always watered down before matches to keep the ground soft.Most of us are playing on pitches that only get watered when it rains.So most of our time is played on hard ground and bumpy pitches.Read more ›
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color and fit are perfect... they are like walking on clouds... they look good on me as well... i highly recommend!
Forget the sheer multitude of colors the Pure kicks come in for a second. Focus on DGT technology. With DGT, there's soft rubber for control on ollies and flips, medium rubber for grip and traction, and tough, hard rubber for durability where it's needed most. Design that NASA.
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